The New Driver’s Guide to Safely Driving in the Rain – Atlanta, GA 

The rainy season is upon us, and with it come added challenges during your daily commute. If you’ve recently begun to drive, you may not be familiar with the precautions that we must take when driving on slick roads. This new driver’s guide to safely driving in the rain will hopefully give you some ideas on how to properly navigate through adverse conditions in Athens, Georgia. Even experienced veterans can benefit from a wet weather refresher course every once in a while, too!

Watch Your Speed

In fair weather conditions, it’s perfectly fine to drive up to five MPH over the posted limit. When the roads begin to get slick and wet, don’t think that you are forced to go that fast. Feel free to drive slower than the posted speed in order to maintain control.

Braking Too Fast

Whether turning, stopping at a light or braking at a crosswalk, give yourself plenty of space to stop. When water gets between your tires and the road, stopping distance becomes unpredictable. Stopping too fast can result in skids and spin-outs. Get used to lightly working the brake pedal before you come to a full stop.

Get Proper Windshield Wipers

Before it begins to pour, you can test your wipers by utilizing your windshield washer. If they don’t glide smoothly across the windshield, leave streaks or look like they are crumbling, then it’s time to invest in some new blades. Bring your car by the Hyundai of Athens Service Center to have an expert fit you with the correct gear.

Signal More Than 100 Feet Before You Change Lanes

Don’t get ridiculous with this and keep your signal on for miles, but do be mindful of the drivers behind you. They may not have read this article, and thus may not have adjusted their driving tactics for the weather. First, flip your signal on, then check behind you and, remember, you can never be too careful. So what if you miss your turn? There is probably another road just ahead.

Check Your Landing Gear Prior to Takeoff

Make sure that your tire tread is thick enough. How in the world am I supposed to know that you ask? Any one of the professionals at your Atlanta area Hyundai service center will be happy to inspect your tread for you.

Flash Floods Are No Joke

Flash floods are most common at the end of summer and beginning of fall, and following a drought of any kind. The soil can get rock hard, and street drains can be clogged with leaves and other built up junk. Streets that are normally nondescript can turn into dangerous rivers with the ability to flood your engine or sweep you off the road. The best thing to do when extremely heavy rain begins is to find shelter in at a high elevation and check the weather report.

Avoid Cruise Control

While cruise control is fantastic for long commutes, and for ensuring that you drive according to the speed limit, it’s not a good idea during adverse conditions. Both hands should be on the wheel, and speed should be adjusted based on traffic flow, vision and other variables.

Drive Slow, Homie

The worst thing that you can do while navigating wet roads is rush around. Those extra seconds that you try to save by running yellow lights and rolling through stop signs are only going to add up to a few minutes at most anyways. Unless you’re a paramedic and someone’s life depends on you arriving as early as possible, plan your trip and take it easy.

Defrost Windows Properly

When the temperature starts to drop, rain may be accompanied by a foggy window. Make sure that you use WARM defrost to defog your windshield. Slightly opening your window while you do this will help to release the hot air.


Most of all, relax! As long as you understand the basics of driving in wet conditions and your equipment is up to date, you’ll be just fine. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert bad weather driver. If you have any concerns about whether or not your car is ready for the rain, then ask the experts at your Athens Hyundai store if a trip to the service department will do the trick. If your ride simply isn’t up to snuff for inclement driving conditions, you may be inclined to check out the latest Hyundai lease deals!