Must-Read for Parents and High School Grads: 3 Safety Tips for Driving on a College Campus – Atlanta, GA

Okay, you got your kid through high school and all the appropriate classes to make sure they were able to become a well-informed, responsible driver. But now they’re going to college! As you know, college comes with its own set of challenges and social experiences. If they’re taking your car, or even if they have their own vehicle, it’s time or a refresher course! They’re probably used to parking their car in safe places and have a bunch of habits they may need to tweak in order to make sure their college experience doesn’t include moving violations – or worse.

The good people at Hyundai of Athens, here in beautiful Athens, Georgia, wanted me to come up with a short list of the best advice for your college-bound kid. Ready for our top safety tips for driving on a college campus? Let’s go:

Night Classes? Park In a Well-Lit Area

This is important for both genders, but especially so for females. If they have a night class, it’s best to park under a street lamp or other well-lit area, hopefully as close as possible to the classroom. Not just to deter any attempts on stealing a bag or a backpack from their person, but also to deter any car thieves who may be looking to take the whole car!

Tuck the Valuables Away

Day or night, important belongings such as a wallet, purse, or laptop shouldn’t be left in the vehicle. I’d go so far as to say not even in the trunk, because a thief usually keeps an eye on a driver’s habits and actions as they get ready to head off to class. If they notice an expensive laptop being stowed in a trunk, there’s nothing to say they won’t jimmy the lock right open!

DO NOT Drink and Drive!

Ahhhh, college. It’s a step in the right direction in terms of education, but college students do like to spend as much time partying as they do studying! Not to call myself out on bad behavior, but I imbibed too much during my college days. Luckily for me, I lived close enough that I walked or biked all over campus. If your son or daughter lives off campus or attends a party in some other part of town, it’s super important that they don’t get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking alcohol. Aside from being a dangerous and expensive violation, many colleges will put a student who’s been arrested for a DUI on academic probation or worse. A couple of beers is not worth losing a chance at a diploma! Or way worse than losing your diploma, losing their own life or taking someone else’s life due to a bad decision. It’s never, ever worth it.


These are just three basic rules that will be beyond helpful in the long run.  Yes, they’ll probably roll their eyes at you as you remind them of the basics, but it’s better that they’re aware that you know the kind of shenanigans that can happen when they’re out of your house and building their new life.  If they don’t have a new car to motor off to class in, stop by  Hyundai of Athens today and check out the 2015 Azera! I guarantee that nobody is more careful with a car than they are with a new one!