Stay Healthy: 3 Healthy Snacks for Kids On a Road Trip – Atlanta, GA

Even on a long road trip with little ones strapped in the back seat, it’s important to keep them on a healthy regimen even when away from home.

Long road trips can cause serious hunger and excruciating stomach pains. If not treated properly, there can be plenty of hallucinations like a giant pirate ship floating alongside the road.

With that said, it’s important to remain fed and stay healthy at the same time. Kids could always use some snacks to nibble on, rather than you having to stopĀ at the nearest fast food place and ordering a cheeseburger.

Here are some healthy snacks for kids on a road trip, so when you plan a long commute with your kids next time, you’ll be prepared and they’ll be happy.

Cereal Cups

Cereal is good for any time of the day, no matter what the non-breakfast lovers want you to believe. Especially if you have those small cereal cups on your person, those will come in great handy. Add a little bit of milk and hope you don’t go over any crazy bumps to risk spillage.

Crisp Vegetables with a Side of Ranch

You can never go wrong with this. These are the best vegetables to eat for any age. I, quite frankly, don’t care for steamed or cooked vegetables. I prefer when they’re cold and come with a side of ranch. At least they taste better and are much healthier for you.

Kellogg’s Fruit Bars

A personal favorite of mine, but the only downside is a limited number of bars. They can be devoured so quickly because they’re so good for you (not really, they just taste really good). I vote for the apple cinnamon as a personal favorite, but the blueberry comes in a close second. Surely, a can’t miss snack for kids.


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