INFOGRAPHIC: Do You Know the Difference Between Buzzed and Drunk Driving? – Atlanta, GA

Warm weather is on its way, and this means picnics, parties and good times all around.  For some, social occasions offer the chance to imbibe a cold drink or two, sit back and relax. If these drinks have alcohol, it’s important to pay attention to how much you drink. Here in Athens, Georgia even if you’re just ‘buzzed’ when you get behind the wheel, it’s still considered drunk driving if you’re pulled over. Long story short, you may be over the legal limit – even if you don’t feel drunk. This means that you could potentially face up to a year in jail and have your license suspended for just as long. Those are just the penalties! Add up the fines, court costs and lost pay from work, and it adds up to thousands upon thousands of wasted dollars.

It may seem unfair, and you may think you know your limits. But based on the type of alcoholic beverage, food consumption, your body size, tolerance and other physiological factors, you could potentially reach a level of .08 after just one drink – or in less than an hour. Here’s a scary fact that might make you rethink getting behind the wheel while buzzed: In 2012, there were 10,322 deaths in crashes involving drunk drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater. That’s one person killed every 51 minutes.

Check out this infographic, which contains plenty of sobering statistics related to buzzed and drunk driving:

Buzzed Driving

So, do you know the difference between buzzed and drunk driving now? At Hyundai of Athens, we want to keep you safe. And we want those around you to be safe, too, and that means not getting behind the wheel when you think you may have had just a few sips too many. This isn’t to say you can’t imbibe, but please do so responsibly and take your time. We bet you’ll be going to be a lot of great parties as summer gets closer, and we’d like to see you at all of them! Just be safe, okay?