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Time To Party, People: 3 Ideas For Celebrating a Birthday – Atlanta, GA

This post couldn't come at a better time for two reasons: 1) Apparently, everybody's birthday happens in July. The majority of people I know have a birthday in July. It's astounding. And 2) My girlfriend's birthday was this past Saturday. It was tough to celebrate together because we were both tight...[read more]

Play It Again: Funny GIFs That Pay Homage to America – Atlanta, GA

If you don't like GIFs, are you un-American? No, probably not, because that would be mean and rude. But almost everyone likes GIFs, especially if there's a certain theme to them. I like GIFs because I think they depict a moment in the best way imaginable. For example, this possible DeMarcus-Cousins-to-the-Lakers news...[read more]