For the Love of the Game: 4 Great Car Accessories for a Sports Fan – Atlanta, GA

Chances are you know someone who not only has a car, but is a sports fan.

I qualify for both. I like to represent my teams as much as I can, so much so that I once considered getting a license plate that said “GO MAVS,” as in the Dallas Mavericks. Thanks to common sense and better judgment, I didn’t do it.

If I could have an accessory or two that had something to do with my sports teams, I would have them. But if you’re somebody who knows somebody that would love to have some sports accessories for their car, then this is for you.

Here are some great car accessories for a sports fan:

Car Shades

It’s really hot outside and it’s best to keep your car as cool as possible. How about professional or college sports team car shade? Amazon has plenty of good options to choose from, and can get one for just under $20.

Antenna Flags

Think of this like your car playing the role of a pirate ship for a small amount of time. Car flags are actually cool to have around and this will let everyone know that you rep your team to the fullest extent.

License Plate Frame

This is a very common gift but totally reasonable. Just think: If you know a New England Patriots fan near you, at least they can flaunt their Patriots license plate frame to let everyone know they won the Super Bowl and that their team just doesn’t stack up as well. That’s good, I think.

Steering Wheel Covers

Why not? It still has a chance to be as hot tomorrow as it was today, so you might as well keep your steering wheel just as cool, too. You can find plenty of sports team steering wheel covers here and find out how much it’ll cost to the other fans of your family.


Those are just a few ideas out there to think of, as your friendly Athens-area Hyundai dealership wants you to be comfortable with your car as you receive your gifts. It’s just a given.